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A Brief View Into The World of Cleromancy

Cleromancy has got to be one of the most ancient forms of psychic manifestation, ever. From the Bible to other scrolls and scriptures. It spans most ethnicities and cultures the world over. Let’s just say Cleromancy is the casting of lots as a way of proffering solution to a problem or an answer to a question.

From an etymological stand-point, “Kleros” is the Greek word for “a lot”, while “mancy” is gotten from the Greek word “manteia”, which in itself means divination. Basically, when we see psychics talk about casting of lots, they could mean a collection of little objects that either fall into a certain pattern or reveal some certain signs. It’s historical fact that the Greeks used animal bones for casting lots, from which they graduated to telling fortunes using pebbles or little shells. In Ancient Rome, it was the priests that mainly performed the casting of lots, either with small wooden tablets or trinkets. They were all forerunners to the dice that most psychics use today.

For instance, in the Bible, the casting of lots had an amazing one hundred mentions, and each time…it always served as means of discovering truths hidden, guilt, or even God’s will. Yet even more is the fact that casting of runes and runic magic that arose from the Scandinavian and Germanic tribes is actually a form of cleromancy. For instance, the rune casting of Vikings is woven around less reliance on the influence of any deity, whilst dwelling more on the psyche of the person who is seeking answers…and the runes actually reveal the right answers.

In today’s world, the casting of lots using runes especially with runic symbols etched on them. The psychic will in most cases select runes of a certain kind. They are then placed, or cast on either the ground or on the table. They then pay rapt attention to which of these runes will land either right side up, upside down or in unique positions. This can help the reader to ascertain the past, the present, and the future of an event, as well as knowing the course of action to take.

A true and accurate Cleromancy reading will determine the system of understanding what they represent or mean, based on the type of lots that is being used. Working with ancient symbols such as runes can give rise to a forthright solution. However, using little objects, dice, pebbles and others, will rely on the psychic’s own method of divination as well as the subject’s psyche. When using a dice, some of the correlations actually become obvious. If its dominoes, then they might be stacked or paired, and might even read tarot cards. All these fall under the Cleromancy category.

There are different ways of approaching the ancient art of casting lots. This art has had its core influenced by both eastern and western philosophies, and even by religion and the occult.  Cleromancy can apply to ones life in diverse ways than one. The study of runes is also one subject that fascinates some Schools of thought.

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