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Past Life Readings

A past life reading is conducted by a person that has been gifted with psychic ability. It is not to be confused with a past life regression as the two differ greatly from one another. In the instance of a past life reading, the reader can look into the lives you have lived and not only relate the information back to you, but can determine paths and patterns that may be affecting the life that you live today. Past life regression however, is a process that is conducted through hypnosis and doesn’t necessarily work for everyone.

Who can perform a Past Life Reading?

Past life readings can be performed by both psychics and mediums and they can take on many different forms. The most common ways to read a past life are:

  • Tarot card readings
  • Reading the Akashic records
  • Tapping into the higher self that retains all of the memories of your past lives
  • Consulting spirit guides
  • Astrology

Past life readings can be performed by someone who possesses the unique gift to see into the past, but these types of readings are rare. A psychic or medium may be able to see into the future, but not many can see into the past in the same way that a past life reader can.

How effective is a Past Life Reading?

pastlivesThose that possess the unique gift report seeing past lives like a video that they can fast forward and rewind, whilst others state that they simply visualize what time they wish to see and are simply transported there to see events unfold as they happen. Those that consult with spirit guides are “taken” to the time that they wish to see and are accompanied by the guide once they “get” there.

Tarot past life readings work on a specific spread that gives examples of past life influences and will show the reader how those influences rule over different aspects of the clients life.

For a more effective reading, it is important that the reader has the ability to tune into the senses and emotional aspects of the past in which they see, as this helps them to understand unresolved conflicts that remain imprinted through each lifetime.

Why should I get a Past Life Reading?

Different cultures around the world recognize and acknowledge that the soul turns upon a “wheel” as it makes its journey through a multitude of lifetimes to reach a state of spiritual perfection. Once this state is reached, it is believed that we will then progress to a higher plane. We each have our own particular lessons that we need to learn throughout these lifetimes, and gaining insight into our past lives will help to clarify those lessons.

It is also believed that certain issues encountered in one lifetime (particularly issues that are related to the heart) will remain with the soul as it passes on to another. There the issues will manifest again, causing trouble and blockages in the new life. Do you make the same mistakes in love over and over again? The chances are that a past heartbreak dictates the choices you make in love now.

The same can be said for a person’s talents, fears and aspirations. Natural talent and unexplained fear are believed to be present within a person simply as a direct result of skills and lessons previously learned; the combined energy of many lifetimes’ works together to make you who you are now.

Understanding the reasons why we are who we are is the key to unlocking who we want to be. A past life reading may bring a sense of peace into your life, new interests to explore and could possibly even give you the final pieces of the jigsaw puzzle that you need to achieve ascension.


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