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Angel Card Readings

Angel card readings can be a very powerful tool for people looking for guidance in their life. Similar to Tarot cards, Angel card readings can offer insight into careers, relationships and finances, giving you confidence in your decisions and peace of mind.

Angel Card Readings vs. Tarot Readings

The basic principle is pretty much the same in both processes. Your psychic shuffles the deck of cards, and they will provide guidance or messages about the questions or issues you may have. What differs is the source of the guidance.

In the case of Tarot cards, the psychic relies on his sixth sense or intuition to give you the answers you were looking for. On the other hand, Angel card readers specifically ask your angels for answers and guidance.

Angel Card ReadingsWhat’s more, thanks to their nature, Angel card readings are oftentimes more positive, uplifting and gentle than Tarot. You shouldn’t understand from this that angels won’t show you problems or issues, or that they can’t offer specific advice regarding real actions you need to take in order to improve yourself and your life. Angels aren’t here to only show you the bright side of life. They are here to show you what you need to know.

How Do Angel Cards Work?

  • The beginning ritual. The psychic usually starts the reading by anointing or blessing the cards. He may say a prayer, asking your angels to send their message through the cards. He may also tell you to clear your mind, concentrate, and say the same prayer or request.
  • The spread. Some Angel card readers may work with predefined spreads, while others just pull cards and lay them out until an angel gives them a sign, prompting them to stop.
  • Interpretation. Your psychic will then study the messages on all the cards laid out. Note that, usually, an Angel card can have multiple interpretations or meanings. Therefore, the reader needs to form a close connection with your angels, to be able to choose the right interpretation and assess precisely how it relates to your question.
  • Special messages. Sometimes, it can happen that a card sticks out of the packet during shuffling. Usually, psychics put such cards aside and read them as well. Why? Because this is a clear sign that your angels want the reader to pay special attention to the message delivered by these cards.
  • The ending ritual. After your psychic has given you all the answers delivered by the cards, you will both thank the angels for the help given. Your card reader will then store the cards in a special place, somewhere light and airy. The place may also be surrounded by special crystals or angel statues, to honor the celestial beings.

Communicate with Your Angels Regularly

Angels are always by our side, eager to help us, but many times we are not very good at listening to them. Therefore, it is important to have regular Angel card readings. If you want to carry out your own readings, you can communicate with your angels even every day.

You can feel free to ask your angels any questions you may have, be they mundane or spiritual. They will be more than happy to help you and can offer you a new way of viewing the issues you are facing.

Thus, whether you need help with romance, family life, career issues, or anything else, trust your angels and reach to them whenever necessary, as they are always by your side. You just have to learn to ask them for help.

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