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Astrology Readings

Let’s say you read in the newspaper that you, as a Leo, will meet your true love today. So, it means that, according to the newspaper, one in 12 people will find their significant other today. You know this is gibberish, and, therefore, astrology must just be a load of nonsense, right?

But this is not astrology. Actually, newspaper horoscopes are just light entertainment and contain only very generalized astrological data, with basically no practical use. They make their “predictions” solely based on the sign the Sun was in on your birthday, and thus these readings are basically applicable to 1/12 of the population.


But What Is Astrology Then?

True astrology readings are based on the exact time of birth, as well as the place where you were born. For example: august 5, 1980, 7:08 pm, Denver, Colorado. Therefore, they are unique to you.

Also, besides the Sun, true astrology readings take into consideration the house placements and sign of all 8 planets and the Moon, as well as how they were connected and interacted with each other. An astrologer synthesizes this huge amount of information and translates it into readings that have practical applications in your life.

A Major Misunderstanding Explained

A very common misconception is that astrology believes the planets in space somehow have the power “do something to us”, to affect our life here on Earth. This isn’t true, it doesn’t work that way.

Astrology Readings

Let’s use an analogy. For example, the hands of a clock simply tell what time it is – they don’t cause it or influence it in any way. It’s the same with the planets. Their position will describe a person and the types of experiences he or she is most likely to have in life, but they have no influence on them.

In astrological readings, the planets are but symbols of all the energies within us, each planet being connected to a different side of our nature. The moon, for instance, is symbolic of our nurturing, emotional and receptive side. To put it simply, you can see your birth chart as an energetic map of your psyche.

To be able to understand how planets can tell you what is going on with you, it is important to acknowledge the fact that, in life, everything is one, everything is connected. What happens in microcosm (the connection between planets) will reflect in microcosm (the individual).

Why astrology works cannot be fully comprehended by the human mind, because the logical mind is just part of a whole. And a part of a whole can’t understand the whole.

The Astrological Alphabet

As already said, the 12 Sun signs everybody knows from horoscopes are just a part of what astrology entails. The other important elements are the houses, planets and aspects.

  • All Planets have functions. For instance, the Moon indicates emotions.
  • Signs affect how the planets function. For example, planets in the sign of Pisces will function rather through imagination, while those in Aries will be extra active.
  • Houses show what aspect of your life a planet will affect the most. For example, planets in the 5th house affect your love life.
  • Aspects are specific angles between the planets. Two planets form certain angles, they interact, either in a positive or negative way.

The Twelve Signs – Human Archetypes

  • Aeries – The warrior, the initiator
  • Taurus – The builder, the Earth Spirit
  • Gemini – The networker, the communicator
  • Cancer – The nurturer
  • Leo – The performer, the leader
  • Virgo – The healer, the server
  • Libra – The diplomat
  • Scorpio – The seeker
  • Sagittarius – The explorer, the philosopher
  • Capricorn – The father, the purposeful one
  • Aquarius – The reformer, the humanitarian
  • Pisces – The Dreamer

The Planets

  • The Moon – nurturing, emotion, receptivity
  • Pluto – regeneration, urge for evolution
  • Neptune – universal love, urge for unity
  • Uranus – humanitarian urge, awakening, illumination
  • Saturn – limitations, need for stability
  • Jupiter – expansion, search for meaning
  • Mars – sexuality, motivation, energy
  • Venus – love, beauty
  • Mercury – analyzing, thinking, communicating
  • The Sun – personal identity, the need to create

The Houses

  • 1st house – self discovery
  • 2nd house – values, abilities, personal resources
  • 3rd house – learning, communication
  • 4th house – inner security, domestic surroundings
  • 5th house – children, luck, intellectual status
  • 6th house – health, work, self-development
  • 7th house – relationships, family life
  • 8th house – letting go, sharing, deep interactions
  • 9th house – religion, wisdom, travel, education
  • 10th house – profession, honor, pleasures
  • 11th house – friends, social activities, emotional attachment
  • 12th house – solitude, spiritual path, transcendence

As you can see, understanding astrology is like learning a new language. You need to learn how to decipher words and how they work together in sentences, to eventually form a meaningful message. If you learn only a few words in a language, you will not be able to understand what a person is saying to you, and you will most probably misinterpret everything.

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