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Dream Interpretation

The interpretation of dreams is an ancient art that has been practiced in almost every culture across the globe. To the ancient Greeks and Egyptians, dreaming was considered a kind of divine intervention or communication. They believed only people with special powers could decipher the meanings.

Chinese scholars have published books on dream interpretation which date as far back as the 16th century. Europeans, beginning in the 17th century, have also studied and published works on dream interpretation. From the early 19th century, psychologists from Sigmund Freud to Ann Faraday (and countless others in between) have analyzed, hypothesized and written about dreams and their meanings. Today, dreams are the subject of intense debate and study by others in the scientific community from neurobiologists to neuroscientists.

What do dreams mean?

Dreams are intimately connected with a person’s life and experiences. It is believed that what occurs in dreams can serve as insight into the past, present or future. Interpreting your dreams can also help you understand deep or obscured feelings or secrets.

Although they can be literal, dreams are more often symbolic in nature. For example, a dream of falling does not necessarily mean you will plunge from a great height. Falling can indicate anything from a lack of control to a feeling of failure to a warning of a real, physical danger.

Dream Interpretation

A psychic trained and experienced in the subtleties and symbolism of every aspect of dreams from the colors, numbers and shapes that appear to the animals, surroundings and actions can provide valuable insight into what your dreams mean. With this knowledge and understanding, one can discover new truths, reveal hidden meanings and take heed of warnings.

Dream interpretation is a valuable tool not only for increasing one’s self-knowledge, but one that can also be used to navigate daily life more successfully.

DIY dream interpretation?

Today, you can find countless dream interpretation books and dictionaries in stores and online. These are interesting novelties and can serve to satisfy a rudimentary curiosity. Unfortunately, there is no regulation or standardization of this plethora of information.

Resources can range from a simple site with less than five ways to interpret dreams to a comprehensive tome of over 20,000 definitions. It is easy to see how someone could be overwhelmed. To further complicate matters, actions, animals and symbols can have differing meanings according to different cultural interpretations. This can be especially confusing or even contradictory to a layperson. Sometimes a little bit of knowledge (or knowledge without training) is more dangerous than no knowledge at all!

So, should you perform your own dream interpretation? It depends. DIY dream interpretation can be fun at gatherings or as something to pass the time. However, just as you might use an over the counter tooth whitener, but not presume to do your own root canal after reading a book or watching a video about dentistry, so it goes with serious dream interpretation.

One should always consult a trained professional psychic for the deepest, most meaningful and accurate dream interpretation readings.

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