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Imagine that you are sitting alone in a dark room. There is nobody else around. The world is perfectly quiet. Slowly, you become aware of a small noise – not just a noise, but a whisper. Someone is speaking to you. You close your eyes and listen carefully as the sounds begin to emerge. These voices are coming to you not from the physical world, but from the spiritual world.

Does this sound familiar? Then you could have the gift of clairaudience. Coming from the words “clair,” meaning “clear,” and audience, which refers to hearing, clairaudience is quite simply the ability to hear physic sounds and voices. Although the definition may be simple, the ability is a bit more complex.

What Exactly Is Clairaudience?

A clairaudient has the unique ability to hear things that for most people go completely unheard. These might take the form of ambient noise (murmurs, humming, soft bells or chimes, even occasional loud bangs or thuds). Other times, the clairaudient will be able to distinguish individual voices.


These voices often come from spirit guides, attempting to lead the clairaudient. If you hear these voices speaking, it is best to relax, breathe deeply, and allow the voices to speak. Do not become distressed by the sound of another voice; rather, really listen to what the speaker is trying to say to you.

How Might a Clairaudient Psychic Help You?

We are often so consumed by the sounds of this world that we have neither the time nor the ability to hear the soft, more important sounds that are coming from beyond. There are spiritual guides willing to lead you, but only if you are willing to listen.

The clairaudient can help you in this process. By using her trained abilities to listen to the voices coming from the spiritual realm, she can help guide you in matters of life, love, and your career. She can also help you become more attuned to listening to the voices that are trying to reach you.

Developing the Ability

To develop your ability, you must first be willing to accept it. Clairaudience is a gift that not many people understand, and that even fewer people truly have. It is likely that you will begin to hear things during the normal course of a day that people around you cannot hear. It may also be likely that people will be turned off by your abilities. This is natural in a world that does not truly understand or respect psychic abilities. The important thing to remember is that you must believe in your gift.

Here are some ways that you can further strengthen your sensitivity to ethereal sounds:

  • Dedicate time each day for listening. If you can train yourself to clear out all of the ambient noise and clutter that fills the physical world, you will be better able to hear the voices that are trying to reach you.
  • Close your eyes. It is scientifically proven that losing one sense will strengthen the other remaining senses. With your eyes closed, you can pay closer attention to the sounds that go unnoticed in this world. Listen beyond the ticking clock, or the traffic on the road. Sit outside in a field with your eyes closed and practice listening to the tree leaves, or the grass swaying in the breeze.
  • Listen before sleep. This is an important time to develop your ability. Lie in bed before sleep, without any other stimulus (shut down the television, computer, and phone) and again allow yourself to become more sensitive to the sounds that occur behind the obvious noise. Listen to the house settling. Listen out the window for a voice down the street, for a car door closing, for footsteps on the sidewalk. Allow yourself to sink deeper into the sounds, until you can hear the slightest noise from the end of the street.

The best way to develop your ability is to become sensitive to the soft sounds of this world. If you can move beyond all of the surface noise, you will discover an entirely different world beneath the surface. Then, you will open yourself up to the possibility of hearing voices from beyond our world.

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