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Clairsentience is the ability to feel or sense things that other people cannot. The clairsentient might walk into an unfamiliar room and immediately feel a physical and emotional sensation. Or she feels the positive and negative energy coming from the people around her. The word clairsentience means clear feeling. This differs from clairaudience and clairvoyance; while they can hear and see beyond the physical realm, the clairsentient can actually feel a psychic presence.

What Exactly Is Clairsentience?

People with the gift of clairsentience often report being able to feel the presence of energy or spirits in the room. These feelings might take the form of a light breeze, like a whisper or someone softly blowing on the back of your neck. It might also be light tapping – as though someone is trying to get your attention. It is also not limited to physical sensations; smells play a large role in clairsentience. When you describe a person or situation to the clairsentient, she may be able to pick up familiar scents related to your story. Perhaps your grandfather smoked an old pipe that smelled of rich tobacco and vanilla – this smell will manifest itself for the clairsentient.

ClairsentientThe clairsentient may also be walk into an unfamiliar room and immediately feel a presence, or an energy, coming from the room. This will be undetected by everyone else, but it will help the clairsentient gain a better understanding of what happened in the room. Remember that often these sensations are spirit guides trying to communicate with someone, trying to make a connection.

How Can a Clairsentient Help You?

Clairsentience is a special, unique ability. The clairsentient can often help people make decisions or come to a greater peace about a life situation by explaining the various sensations and energies she feels during a session. Here are a few ways that the clairsentient can help you:

  • Insight. The clairsentient can often sense things about you that until now have been vague or unclear in your life. Perhaps you are looking to change directions in your career or a relationship, but you cannot determine what direction to take. The clairsentient can feel the discomfort, the pain, or the doubt within you, and can help you determine if you are making wise decisions in your personal and professional relationships.
  • Relationships. This applies to your relationships with others, and to the way that others might perceive you. Are you having problems with someone at work? Clairsentients have the ability to pick up energy from other people. They can often tell you the source of the problem – and often the source of the problem comes from within the other person, for reasons completely unrelated to you. By working with a clairsentient, you will gain a greater understanding about how to approach a difficult co-worker or loved one.
  • Guidance. Sometimes we feel negativity or anxiety, and we don’t know why. The clairsentient can offer you a new way to understand some of the negative energy that is harming your life. And once you understand these feelings, you can work more effectively toward a solution.

How to Develop Clairsentience Ability

As with many psychic abilities, meditation plays a critical role in developing clairsentience. You must be able to move beyond the clutter of this world and open your mind to the spiritual realm. It may be possible that you have the ability and dismiss it – clairsentience certainly has many skeptics. There will be people who do not believe you when you say that you have a “gut feeling” about something or someone. There will inevitably be doubters when you talk about the physical presence of a spiritual being. Do not allow yourself to be swayed by these doubting minds.

It is not their fault that they lack belief. They simply do not have the same gifts and abilities that you do. That is why it is essential that you develop the ability. If you begin to doubt your instincts, you may lose the gift. For your sake and the sake of those seeking your help, do not allow your gift to fade away.

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