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Amityville: The Psychic Behind The Scenes

Anybody who is a true believer of the supernatural has familiarized themselves with all differing aspects that could fit the description of the word. There are things in this world that cannot be explained by the laws of nature or the traditional molds of life that science has given us. These “things” are then considered to be supernatural, or beyond our scope of theory, logic, rationalization. Supernatural occurrences are not merely the “things that go bump in the night”, but all of the occurrences, visions, events, experiences etc., that render no plausible cause or effect.

People have been plagued by such phenomena for many years and at times felt a positive energy or effect from them even though they could not explain why. Other times, and more often than not, people have felt a negative or evil effect from such phenomena. This can make a person feel “crazy”, “insane”, or subject to scrutiny and ridicule from their peers.

It does not matter if they had a positive or negative experience. People who experience the unexplained often feel abnormal in some respect and like they have been condemned to the underbelly of society for speaking up about such activity. Enter Ed and Lorraine Warren. They made their first popular appearance to the public due to their dealings with the evil surrounding the house on Ocean Avenue in Amityville, NY.

Most of us are familiar with the story surrounding what supposedly happened to the Lutz family after they moved into their home at 12 Ocean Avenue in Amityville. The Lutz family moved into this gorgeous home after acquiring it for a bargain price, about eighty thousand dollars, a steal for an up and coming Long Island, NY neighborhood. In fact, the house came fully furnished in addition to its close proximity to a large body of water. What the Lutz family did not seem to know, was that the house had sat vacant for a little over a year due to a horrendous crime that taken place to the family who occupied their home before them.

The DeFeo family had lived in this beautiful home before the Lutz family had purchased it. People who knew of them felt they were just your typical, American family “living the dream”. A mother, her husband, and their children lived together and played the part quite well. What most people did not know was that there seemed to be an evil force occupying their home.

Something unexplainable that plagued the eldest boy Ronald DeFeo Jr., and was the reason he butchered every member of his family in November of 1974. It was a brutal and senseless crime, which led to the demise of this young family. Here comes the Lutz family in December of 1975, to this majestic house, where the family lived for approximately 25 days. The family left abruptly in January of 1976 due to numerous instances of terrifying, unexplainable and highly “evil” supernatural and paranormal activity in the house.

March of 1976 brought a visit to the Amityville home by renowned demonologist Ed Warren, and his wife Lorraine Warren, a psychic medium and clairvoyant. Ed Warren was different from most other supernatural investigators because he believed in both God and the Devil. A devout Catholic Ed felt there was a presence of God or the Devil in most supernatural activity.

At the Ocean Avenue home, Ed decided the cellar would be the best place to begin. He was usually immune to psychic visions or clairvoyant feelings but that day in the Amityville home things were different.

Lorraine’s perception of supernatural phenomena was different from that of her husband’s. Unlike him, Lorraine was a clairvoyant, a psychic medium. She could see the spirits in a place or feel them, and even communicate with them. Lorraine’s abilities were more than just having a feeling that somebody was watching her or present in the same room with them. She had a type of empathy for them as she could feel what they were feeling. It was an ability to communicate with a spirit, a talent most of us wish we could posses, in which Lorraine became very sensitive. Her experience in the Amityville home was truly terrifying for her.

Seeing and feeling aside, Lorraine was asked to do something in the Amityville house that she had not desired to do. There were many investigators at the house with Ed and Lorraine. As she communicated with the spirits in the house, all of those who had accompanied the Warrens were in the same room with her.

It seems funny to think that these events began because of a conversation Lorraine Warren had with a Catholic Priest. Prior to their involvement with the Amityville home the Warrens had met with a Father Pecararo to help investigate a series of strange and disturbing events inside the Ocean Avenue home. Simply put, there are things in this world that cannot be explained by the laws of nature or the traditional molds of life that science has given us. These “things” are then considered to be supernatural, or beyond our scope of our best theories, logic, or rationalizations.

What happened inside the walls of the Amityville home plagued not one family, but two. It was not a friendly entity or energy but rather an evil energy capable of much malice. Ed and Lorraine were able to see the truth in the home because of their acceptance and belief in things good, evil, and different. If you were in their situation, would you be able to?

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