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How to Know You are Gifted with Clairaudience

The following instances are just indicators of how one could detect that he or she is clairaudient:

  1. Hearing someone say your name when no one is actually around

Once you can hear a person talking to you without even when no one was about, or perhaps you hear faint voices in the background or whispers of your name. Once you have had any of such experience over time, it is a clear indication that you just might be Clairaudient. Sometimes, it could come as a light sound of music, or even like a dramatic voice.

  1. You enjoy and always need quietude

Clairaudient folks are intuitive by nature, and intuitive folks are very sensitive, emotionally and physically. Hence, if you are very sensitive to noise, it could actually mean that you are clairaudient. For instance, you find yourself really uncomfortable with the loud music being played at a party. This can really be a complicated situation for clairaudient folks, as their friends and families might not understand what the fuss is all about. This is because it is highly important for clairaudient folks to have a quite time and space every day.

NB: Noise-canceling headphones as well as meditation can be a good means of having a quite time in a rowdy environment.

  1. You always talk to yourself

When you find yourself having dialogues with yourself, mentally  all the time; it could be a good indication that you have the gift of Clairaudience. This is because being able to converse with yourself in your head, makes it easier for you to know when you are in the spirit. So don’t be surprised, if you talk to yourself in your head quite often, that you just might have been getting Divine assistance without knowing so.

  1. A flux of inspired ideas and creativity through you

Clairaudient people tend to have a flux of creative thoughts and inspired ideas, especially when in a relaxed, thankful and happy state of mind. This is because the moment a person is happy is the moment when his or her vibration is at its peak and is most connected to his or her soul. This is even more of the reason why clairaudient people always need their peace and quiet. As a tranquil environment allows for them to get easily connected to the Divine. Little wonder it is always easy for psychics to get inspirations whilst in the shower.

  1. When your best friends were imaginary

When you find yourself making and keeping imaginary friends as a child, or communicated with a physical voice in a telepathic manner, then you just might be a clairaudient person. Some people had imaginary friends during their children. It would really be surprising if such people aren’t clairaudient.

  1. Music makes draws and connects you to your soul

When you are stressed or feeling some dose of pressure…it is because your soul needs something to sooth its nerves, but you obviously didn’t get the memo. However, if you play a music that you love and in a few minutes your soul gets its vibration lifted, thus making you feel reconnected to your soul. This could actually be an indicator that you are have the gift of Clairaudience.

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