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Mistake That Holds Back Spiritual Progress!

Since the year 2012 there has been a lot of information shared about Ascension, Ascension consciousness and the symptoms connected to this Spiritual acceleration experienced by many at this time.

There is certainly some interesting information out there on this topic, but how much of this information is actually helping you achieve progressive states of Ascension?

‘Ascension’ is a path that I and the circle of teachers are dedicated to and if you have already visited our site you will be well aware that what we provide practitioners with is the necessary information and training needed to unlock the ‘Ascension body’ – enabling the physical body to literally become a temple for Spiritual awakening.

It is to be expected that in a day and age of over intellectualization of Spiritual concepts, at the expense of sincere down-to-Earth practice, that the ‘why’ and ‘how to’ develop the physical ‘vessel’ for Spiritual Ascension has been mis-communicated or completely left out.

This is one of the reasons why so many practitioners at this time lack real concrete results when it comes to their practice. By overlooking or misunderstanding the Spiritual purpose of our physical bodies we miss out on accessing incredible bio-technology that has the potential to accelerate our consciousness beyond the limits of the intellect!

If you observe that your Spiritual practice it is not having a positive effect on your life, then it is a good time to ask the question – ‘What am I missing?’

For many at this time the missing link is correct alignment and coordination of the physical body in relation to the goal of Spiritual ascension.

You have probably heard of the concept of ‘mind, body and Spirit’, but due to the way most of us have learnt to function, many of us are geared to attempt understanding through our intellect. This is not only how many people limit their understanding when learning, but it has also become how many teaches limit their teachings.

It is only logical that if you are truly looking to awaken your multidimensional consciousness, then all aspects [meaning multiple] aspects of you need to become aligned and co-ordinated in relation to your goal -thus the saying – mind, body and spirit.

As Spiritual practitioners living in an intellectually mismanaged reality, this is something we must be aware of so that we can avoid the misuse of our own intellects, which ultimately hinders our own personal growth.

A good example of the intellects limitations is found in the following example – imagine that you want to learn how to swim. Your teacher takes you into a classroom, away from the water, and proceeds to talk to you all about how to swim. Before too long you are going to ask – ‘Can I get in the water now and actually try this out’?

Correct training and development of the physical body must be part of your practice if any significant Spiritual progress is to be made, as the physical body is the physical expression of your Spiritual body and when included in your practice – countless, immediate and tangible benefits await you as you open the vaults of Sacred knowledge within you.

For how can we ascend Spiritually if the very vehicle that embodies our consciousness is not developed for this very specific purpose?

It is like having a car that is falling apart and expecting that you will be able to drive that car at 160 km’s per hour on the Autobaan!

This expectation goes against Universal Law, so no matter how fast you push that old rickety car it just won’t go as fast as you would like!

The same goes for Spiritual development.

No matter how much intellectual understanding one may have of Spiritual concepts, or how much one is able to speak of the current shifts in energy and their side effects at the physical, mental, emotional and Spiritual levels [as we prepare for ascension] – the fact remains that if our physical body – our vehicle in this Earthly realm – is not being progressively developed for Ascension purposes then we are not going to be structurally aligned or co-ordinated enough to experience fully the multidimensional and expanded aspects of our selves.

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