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Numerology Numbers – What Do They Mean

When it comes to Numerology Numbers there are 4 core ones.

Life Path Number

The Life Path is the sum of the birth date. This represents who you are at birth and the characteristics that you will carry with you through life. The Life Path describes the nature of your journey through life.

Your Life Path is established from the date of your birth. A very simplified way to get your Life Path Number is to add the Month, Day, and Year of your birth together to arrive at a total. Next, reduce this four digit numeral to a single digit.

Name Number

Name number meanings are determined by the assignment of numbers to letters of the alphabet and then matching your name letters to those numerals.

Name number meanings deal with areas of personal development.

Soul Number

Your Soul Number describes your deepest desires and dreams and the person you truly want to be.

It is determined by adding the values for the vowels in your full birth name then assign numerals to each of the vowels and reduce their sum to a single digit..

Personality Number

Your Personality Number provides information about how you present yourself to the rest of the world. It indicates what characteristics and qualities you display, but also which ones you hide.

To divine your personality number you must first take your name and reduce it down to all of its consonants then assign numbers to each of the consonants and reduce their sum to a single digit.

How can you use your numerology numbers to better your life?

Generating a Numerology report or reading through the use of key numbers that relate to your name and your date of birth, can reveal and analyze all the main aspects that numbers play in your life.

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