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Precognition – Clairvoyant Psychic Ability

Precognition is a psychic ability possessed by psychics who can predict an event before it happens. Precognitive psychics can be clairvoyant, clairsentient, or clairaudient. Respectively, precognitive visions can take the form of vesions, feelings, or audible messages. Though precognition is a useful ability, the meaning of a precognitive vision is not always crystal clear.

For example, a psychic might know that something is going to happen on a certain date, but they might not be aware of all of the details of that event. On the other hand, a psychic might know exactly when and where something was going to happen, but they might not know how extreme the situation will be. Precognitive intuition is often unclear and unpredictable.

Due to the unpredictable nature of precognition, it is dangerous to count on precognition to solve one’s problems. A psychic who possesses precognition cannot know when, where, or how their visions will occur.

Instead, a psychic must just accept the messages they receive, whenever and wherever they receive them. It is a common misconception that precognitive psychics can look into the future at will and see whatever they want.

There are several different kinds of precognition. The first is called “concrete precognition.” This occurs when a psychic receives intuition that a certain something will definitely take place, no matter the events that lead up to it. Concrete precognition is reliable and trustworthy.

The second kind of precognition is called “dependent precognition.” This is when a psychic receives a vision along the lines of “If this happens, this will be the outcome.

But if this happens, something else will happened, and the outcome will be different.” In other words, the result of a dependent precognitive vision depend on the actions that lead up to it. This makes it a less reliable form of psychic intuition.

Lastly, there is dream precognition, which is exactly what it sounds like. A psychic with dream precognition will receive psychic intuition while dreaming.

This intuition may be concrete or dependent. While in a dream state, one’s mind is most relaxed and at peace. This allows the mind to lower it’s barriers and let in messages that were being blocked while awake.

Have you ever gone to sleep with a problem in your head, and woken up the next morning knowing exactly what to do about it? It’s the same kind of thing. While dreaming, a psychic’s mind is most at peace, and it is able to see things it couldn’t see before.

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