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Psychic Reading of the Spirit

Tonight in my Psychic Master Reading Class, we learned about how to do a psychic reading of the spirit for people, not just the body. In the beginning of learning to do psychic readings, they taught us to just read what we saw on our screen in the third eye. Sometimes it would relate to the body and occasionally to the spirit, but I did not know how to differentiate.

I didn’t think of it as reading the body, but realized after tonight’s class, that I was reading the information of the body, because I would often focus on problems I would see and what information those problems held for the person.

The body, and ego, see things as problems, the spirit knows the path we are walking in this life. It sees love and beauty because of its clarity. We were told to read the spirit and not problem solve, just give the empowered information from the spirit.

What a fun way to read! Hope- the teacher- asked two of the people from class to report on a problem they were having and we would read the spirit’s information.

I was able to see that despite my classmates feeling down on themselves for their problems, their spirit was excited about this bump in the road, because it was teaching them to be able to work with this poverty energy and fear of shining too brightly. As they transform this energy, it ripples across humanity. This allows many more people are able to have prosperity instead of poverty, and are able to shine and be beautiful, instead of hide in fear.

I found that from reading the spirit and seeing that person’s beauty, strength, clarity, confidence in their path, I felt more of that for myself as well. I thought I loved doing these psychic readings before, now it’s really fun.

We talked about the difference between sympathy and empathy as it related to class. We were learning to feel empathy for our classmate and remain in our neutral and caring space and not take on their pain, sadness, fear in sympathy. Having sympathy means taking on the feeling, which only amplifies it, so there is just more fear or more pain, which helps no one.

I know it seems helpful to me when a friend comes to me in a lot of anger or fear and I really “get into it” with her. I too feel so mad at that guy, or sad about the injustice, but I also walk away feeling worse. Then, I am walking away with her pain in my field, and the pain of the person she is in conflict with who got in her field. Wow, I get now how this helps no one.

I understand how seeing my friend with lots of love and empathy will help her heal way more than matching her energy in sympathy. It helped my classmates so much when we read them in this way. When we spoke to them from love and spoke to seeing their spirit’s beauty and strength during this challenge, it brought one them to tears from feeling so seen and her heart so touched.

We didn’t sugar coat anything, just gave really honest feedback on what we saw in their spirit. We are all from love, so when reading anyone’s spirit, there will be love we can connect with and speak to. Problem solving is fun sometimes, but I am excited to add reading from love and seeing their strengths to my psychic tool kit in a more conscious way.

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