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Talking to the Angels

A tiny baby’s smile while sleeping is often referred to as ‘talking to the angels’ and maybe it’s true. Who are these angels that entertain our newborns? If they talk to us as when we are a tiny baby, where do they go as we grow older, like us?

That ‘higher consciousness’ many try to connect with is also the ‘parking angel’ that guides us to the perfect, safe parking spot in a crowd, the one who whispers, “take a different route today” that seemingly knows the regular route could have been disastrous for us. The angels that surround us, whisper in our ear, raise alarms for no apparent reason are with us from the very beginning.

Newborns have not been told they are not real and readily recognize them, especially during sleep time when we enjoy a different conscious state of mind. Sleep makes the world go away, for a time. But young children and certainly adults are wiser… aren’t they?

As children we knew what we believed was real, were never afraid of dreaming and surely not afraid of voicing those big dreams. And then, a joker name reality strode onto the scene in the form of trusted adults who warned us that those things were not real, we were imagining or even being dishonest about those angels, dreams and odd stories. What we ‘knew’ quickly became filtered through the lens of cynical adults who had long since ceased to believe. But they were wrong.

The practice of dashing dreams has been instilled in most adults; we become adept at being cynical and disbelieving of all that cannot be processed through the filters of what we now believe. Is it any wonder that so few dare to dream, and believe in them?

There is a very simple explanation of who those ‘angels’ are; they are parts and parcels of you, the parts that remain with you always, yet not enclosed in the human body. If all the parts of you were contained in your body you would appear just like an angel, a being of light. The human body cannot contain all the parts of who we are.

The parts that remain outside of us are identifiable; the innate that surrounds and protects each of us, warning of danger around you, illnesses that require attention and people in your surroundings whose intentions are potentially harmful.

They are the ‘parking angel’ the sixth sense, the intuitive part of you, the higher self or higher consciousness imparting information that is always benevolent because it comes from a part of you that exists in a higher consciousness.

Everyone who still believes in dreams, dreaming and the ability to reach their highest goals is highly intuitive. They have parted ways with those warnings about what is real or not real, understanding that some people will consciously choose to sleep through their life experience; but not them.

They have reestablished the connection to those parts of themselves and rely on the inner guidance they receive. Intuitive they are, because they listen and believe in those gut feelings (the most reliable, incoming from the innate) the sense of just knowing, or an answer to an issue received in dream time.

We call them intuitive or psychic because they know things we seemingly cannot know. Intuitive people understand that the same higher consciousness that surrounds all of us is willing to communicate with those willing to assist in delivering the important messages.

Can you image how much better life could be if everyone reestablished the line of communication with the best part of themselves? Fear would become a thing of the past and dreams would soon be a new reality. Just imagine!

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