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The Practice of Psychometry

As an empathic sensitive, one of my abilities has been the Psychometry of objects. Like all psychic gifts, this one allows the reader to gain special impressions with regards to emotions and thoughts.

Emotions’, being the stronger of the two intellectual processes, tends to come through a bit more clearly but can appear somewhat garbled and disjointed. Thoughts, on the other hand, can be weaker yet clearer; however, they can be a bit more difficult to pick up unless the person in question has a high degree of focused intentions.

Mental Filters On one occasion a friend of a friend asked me to tell him about the person who gave him a cabochon (highly polished rock). After handing me the object, I closed my eyes and began to pick up images of the previous owner.

I began to relate that she was a rather unkempt person whom I took to be someone who lived as a transient. Her intention for giving the cabochon was to enable a favor in return. My friend’s friend was so astonished; his eyes popped wide open in disbelief as he hadn’t expected that level of accuracy.

For Psychometry to work, the receiver must learn to become a passive receiver. That is to say, he or she who is doing the reading should make every effort to release preconceived notions and/or expectations in order to receive information accurately.

Say, for instance, I gave you a watch that appeared very expensive. On the surface you might assume that the owner was someone of great means and lots of money. To make that assumption based on surface appearances is based on a social filter or expectation, which could very likely be a false assumption.

The best practice is not to base readings on surface appearances, rather take the object as is without any implied representation. Allow the energy of the object to flow without preconceived restraints that may hinder actualizing it.

Even when you’re receiving the energy, try to refrain from making any personal judgments regarding the images received. After all, no one is completely without fault and just as we would like to be respected despite our faults, allow the person being read the same courtesy.

The Neutral Zone While sitting at a restaurant on vacation, I spied a sign just across the street that said, “Psychic Readings”. Being a psychic myself, I’m always curious about how other psychics perform their trade. After a short introduction, the reader proceeded to take me to a small back dimly lit with a table and two chairs set in the middle, and a smaller table filled with semi-precious stones sitting against the back wall.

As the reading started off, she asked me if I was a business man. My response was, no. Again, you’re in a trade that requires you to travel and sell stuff. Again, my response was, no.

With every response there was another no. This continued to the point that the reader started getting upset with me. My thoughts at that point, “Hey, I’m paying for the reading. I should be the one getting upset here.” When the reading ended, I informed the reader that I was a psychic and was frequently put on the spot to do psychic readings.

No sooner had I said this when she asked me to do a psychic reading. As I turned around I picked up the two stones she was holding during the reading, closed my eyes and proceeded to get impressions of what she was going through.

The first image was that of an inside of a dark house with very dense and confusing energies, the next image was a very brightly lit house filled with very positive energies. I then proceeded to tell her that where she was currently living was very dark and confusing place, and that she was planning on moving to another house which was more suited to growth and stability. All of a sudden her eyes lit up as she enthusiastically said, “You should be doing this for a living.” As a gift for the reading, she gave me the two stones I read her with.

In this situation I could have allowed the fact that I had just received a very poor reading to color my perceptions the situation. Instead, I dropped any and all references to the reading and became a neutral conduit for the energy of the stones. As a result, I was able to give an accurate reading that was very pertinent to her given situation.

For this reason it is extremely important for a reader to establish a neutral reference pointprior to conducting any reading. Establishing a neutral reference point is very easy; however, it can be one of the most difficult tasks to achieve successfully. As with meditation, the same principals apply with the exception of intent.

The intention in this case is to find a place where you can see yourself in a passive mode of neither controlling nor being controlled. As you reach this state take note of how you feel so that later you can draw yourself back into that state as needed.

Protect Yourself One New Year’s eve, I agreed to be the entertainment at a party hosted by a couple of friends of mine. As the entertainer I was supposed to do Tarot readings for whom ever desired one that evening.

Prior to conducting a reading I always like to have the querent hold the deck of cards while thinking of their question. Aside from my friends I had never met anyone in attendance prior to participating in this party. As each reading was completed, I’d move onto the next with barely a break in between.

When it came to reading one particular gentleman I noticed that he grasped the deck very tightly and held them for a longer period than most which included taking them outside to the patio. After returning and handing the deck back over to me I was suddenly overtaken by a blast of energy.

It wasn’t a typical flow of energy normally accompanying an information surge but rather a concentration of raw energy. Had I not taken the next step of allowing the energy to flow back to the infinite universe it probably would have ended the readings for that the rest of that evening.

Being a sensitive empathic can be both a blessing and a curse depending on how well you protect yourself in the process. Receiving energies from other people can be both emotionally draining and confusing as they can be unwittingly absorbed by your own being. Some of the more common methods of protection include:

1. Picture yourself being surrounded by white light – the act of visualizing white light helps ward off any negative energy that may be present.

2. Smudging – if possible, try smudging the area by burning sage which helps rid the area of any residual negative energy.

3. Divine intervention – before beginning a reading invoke protection from your guardian spirits and angels asking them to provide you with understanding and insight, and also to stand over and protect you during the reading.

4. Semi-precious stones – obsidian has great properties for absorbing negative energy while clear crystal quartz on the other hand emits a light energy that disperses negative energy.

5. Send energy back to the universe – if you find yourself absorbing some of the energy, visualize sending that energy out to the universe to be absorbed back into the infinite.

If nothing else be prepared to politely walk away if there is any sense of fear or apprehension regarding the reading. The worst thing a reader can possibly do to his/her self is to ignore the little red flags warning us to back away. Always remember that YOU have the ability and authority to send any unfavorable energy back to the universe.

Conclusion Psychometry is a powerful tool utilized by a sensitive empathic, which is someone who acts as an emotional antenna to other peoples’ energies. Most people have the ability to develop this technique; however, it does require the careful balance of becoming a neutral conduit. Finally, always remember to protect yourself through whatever means you choose to do so.

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