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Top Ten Reasons Online Free Psychic Reading Sites are Going Extinct

Getting a free psychic reading online is almost impossible, in the current climate of the internet. Although altruism has always been a strong part of our core philosophy, and mission statement it has become increasingly more difficult to provide the free services that we once did, in the past. Although many valid reasons exist for this paradigm shift, in internet culture, unfortunately it leaves those with fewer resources at a great disadvantage. Therefore, any site offering a free business model that provides real free psychic readings, at absolutely no cost to its visitors, becomes a target for large corporate sites that do not like the idea of a site that offers free services that they themselves charge a hefty sum to access.

Unfortunately, this trend is unlikely to change, in the near future. Although this site, and others like it, provides an undeniable value to its visitors, it continues to flounder, in the search results, as the powers that control the internet hold free ad supported sites, like this one, to a higher standard than larger corporate sites. Here are the top 10 reasons why this is so and why you will find it increasingly more difficult going forward to find free psychic readings online, with no strings attached.

1.) Most search engines use the ad supported business model to fund their search results. Moreover, large corporate sites provide a substantial portion of their advertising revenue. Therefore, any site that operates with a similar business model detracts from the bottom line of the search engine in question. More importantly, a larger base of smaller sites will produce an increased revenue stream for the search engine. So, pushing small sites down like “mommy bloggers”, small retail businesses, and free ad supported sites for whatever reason seems applicable at the time (typically some vague reference to user experience and or quality is referenced) forces these sites to actively advertise to garner the same traffic they did in the past. These tactics make it very hard for a site offering free psychic readings to function, as the incredibly high cost of advertisement increases in direct proportion to the increased keyword competition that a search provider creates by depressing these sites, in their results.

2.) Corporate psychic reading sites do not like free psychic reading services. They often hire people to engage in nefarious practices to bring these sites down. They feel, not unlike the search engines, that paid services should constitute the bulk of the higher search result rankings. The types of “black hat” practices that go on in the psychic, and spirituality niche are no different from those you might find in the travel, loan, or any other highly competitive vertical except it is truly deplorable, and downright evil when you use the guise of spirituality to hurt others for personal financial gain.

3.) Most sites offering free psychic readings actually provide absolutely no service whatsoever. Even more amazing than that these sites are filled to the brim with nonsense articles that discourage the use of other free psychic reading sites (you know the type you will see them on the first page right now). These spam filled sites loaded with hokey corporate psychic advertisements use the latest link spam techniques to gain ranking while using negative SEO to depress their competitors listings. These sites give true free psychic reading sites a real black eye.

It would not be surprising to know that entire networks of these sites exist as extensions of large corporate spiritual sites. Although many do not show direct ownership (some do) believe me when I tell you agents of corporate psychic sites own and operate these “ad network sites” for a lack of a better term for them. You will not get a free reading on these sites. They will try to get you to give credit card information, and start charging you after the initial second and a half you talk with a reader on their service. These sites also enhance the arguments for the first two reasons listed. These “low quality” corporately owned ad supported sites become the poster child for the systematic sterilization, and purging of all advertisement supported psychic reading sites from any “visible” online result pages regardless of their intrinsic value to real users.

4.) It is expensive and time consuming to provide free psychic services. The cost of funding a true free reading service bars many that try to from doing so. The overhead extends far beyond material cost as it taxes every aspect of your life to provide free spiritual advice to a large population of individuals. Worse yet the large corporate sites send fake users to get readings and use up valuable resources that you need to help the real users. Sybil attacks are commonplace on any site that offers user interaction that requires registration. So, why should free psychic sites be any different? They are not different I can tell you from firsthand experience that agents of large corporate sites sign up with fake aliases every day on this site. They make it so very difficult to know whom to trust on your own site! This adds to the overhead in maintaining the site and providing a free service. So, many spiritual site owners give up because of this fact, and large paid sites know it!

5.) It is difficult from a technical standpoint to give a free online psychic reading. The learning curve associated with creating, developing, and marketing a web site successfully is enormous. The technical knowledge need to maintain a site, its server, and it’s content alone hinder many from ever trying to give a reading let alone a free one. It takes hours of dedication to what you do in order to maintain things just on the technical side of your web site.Learning how to design, code, and deploy your site takes a special kind of dedication, and many choose to outsource the work because of the time consuming, frustrating, and stress filled technical minutia of the endeavor. Outsourcing is costly and a site that offers free services often times just does not have the resources to hire a coder.

6.) Not many psychics want to give their services away free of charge. The fact that we all have ever-increasing everyday expenses prevents some from doing so, however, many feel that in order to benefit fully from a reading there must be a “karmic” exchange of currency. As we live in a society that puts a price on everything, why would spiritual gifts be any different. It is rare to find a single psychic let alone an entire web site that gives you a service free of charge. And because of the five reasons outlined before this expect it to become even harder to find a free psychic online willing to give you a reading and expecting nothing in return except the knowledge that they helped a fellow human being in need.

7.) Not all psychics possess the ability to give readings online. Giving a reading to a person you never met requires a special gift. Not all psychics that possess this gift give it away freely. Therefore, as the population of real, psychics with this special gift diminishes online so does your chance of reaching out to the subset of these psychics that give free readings online.

8.) Regulation of online advertisement by government increases over time. These regulations may make it impossible to operate a free reading web site in the future. The latest addition to these regulations includes the use of tracking cookies. These cookies provide the means for a free web site to receive credit when a visitor clicks on an ad, or performs and action on a sponsor’s web site. The inability for an ad supported site to maintain a positive flow of revenue will make it increasingly harder over time for these sites to exist.

9.) The allure of owning a business entices still others away from the free reading circuit. Some sign up with corporate sites to give paid readings while others decide to venture off on their own and charge for service they once offered free. This migration towards a paid business model gained momentum because those that offered free services found themselves ridiculed by those that offered paid services. They in essence “sold-out” by joining the “group identity” of relevance by business model (the paid business model being more relevant than the free one).

10.) Last but not least is financial collapse. As the increased financial pressure of operating a free psychic reading site increases, expect more and more small, innovative, and independent sites to go under. Less agile than their corporate counterparts, and left for dead by many these sites just cannot afford to stay online anymore.

So, the next time you find a free psychic reading web site, which is on the “endangered species” list, support them. If you like getting free readings online spread the word about them. Use Facebook, Twitter, Google + or post a blog about them. Because, if you do not support these web sites now they may not be there in the future to support your free online reading needs. This will truly make it impossible to get a free psychic reading online so be prepared to pull out your wallet and credit cards!

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