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What Is Psychic Training

So you have psychic abilities. Just as opera stars train their voices, psychics and mediums train their gifts and abilities. Everyone comes with some level of intuition. It’s sort of a human nature standard feature. It warns us of danger and alerts us in various situations. Some people however, ignore their intuition or don’t recognize it at all. Others won’t make a move without going with their intuition or gut feelings. It’s the second group of folks that are psychically inclined.

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At first, being psychically inclined means that you turned on your psychic switch but don’t really know how to tune into the frequencies available to you yet. This is where psychic training comes in. The first step in enabling your psychic abilities is to acknowledge them.

Once you accept that you are psychic to whatever degree, you then have to seek out knowledge and re-enforce your abilities. Psychic training helps with this. Go to metaphysical seminars, buy books network with other psychics. There are psychic training schools and classes available. They cover various aspects of psychic development. These types of classes are primarily taught by metaphysical masters and or mediums.

All aspects of psychic development and growth become part of your psychic training. Most of all keep using your gifts. Some psychics as part of their training techniques recommend not using tools like tarot cards at first. They feel you should rely on developing your senses. That’s fine, but for people like myself, cards and readings go back to my great grandmothers. By 14 I was reading cards because cards were put in my hands at 9 years old. The main thing is that you are waking up your psychic ability.

Some schools of psychic training feel utilizing tools are very important for focusing one’s energy and concentration. You have to focus in on a client or spirit realm when you conduct readings so tools are good energy focusers. Crystal balls, cards or cups of water are a few of the many tools to use in psychic training and development. Choose the tool that grabs you, it will be easier to work with. Remember, the main theme in psychic training is focusing energy and thoughts to zoom into another vibrational energy level. When focusing in psychic training you can use a persons object also such as a handkerchief to connect you mind and energy to that person or situation as well.

The next important key to psychic training is practice, practice practice. Practicing improves one’s skills. Try and use visualization all the time. For example before going to the market try and visualize the experience, who will be there and what will happen before you actually leave the house. Try and visualize answers to questions ahead of time. No one is 100 percent accurate when they begin to train psychically, so with that said don’t beat your self up if your visions weren’t right.

Also you have to realize if your psychic abilities take you on the road of mediumship that in the beginning you have to understand how a particular spirit communicates. Their communication may be confusing in the beginning until you learn how to interpret the contacting entities signs, which also takes psychic training.

During your psychic training you will reach a level called a learning plateau. This is where everything falls into place and you are comfortable with your psychic self. It is also a period of where all the things you have learned are absorbed and you might also feel a little out of sorts because of it. If you feel out of touch or on overload its okay to take a psychic break you gifts and the spirits aren’t going anywhere. They will be ready for you when you return to do more psychic growing.

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