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What Is Telepathy?

Telepathy is the communication from person to another person or one mind to another mind without using the normal five senses. Distance for the use of telepathy is not considered a factor.

Telepathy should not be considered supernatural or something beyond what the normal human can do. Instead telepathy should be considered supernormal and something every person can do if practiced.

There subcategories of telepathy or different forms. The first is the transmission of a person’s feelings to another person. The feelings will usually be felt in the receiving persons solar plexus and are purely emotional.

This is considered common, but often not recognized form of telepathy and is used by humans and animals alike. Emotional telepathy occurs most often when a person is in direct physical or aura contact with the each other. This type of telepathy is also called instinctive telepathy and one of the most primitive, basic form of telepathy we all process.

The next type of telepathy is the communication of words or phrases from one mind to the other mind. This is the most commonly studied and looked at form of telepathy.

It is known that suspension of emotions and other thoughts helps in the process. If one tries to send or receive a message the telepathic process is actually blocked. It is best to just allow the communication to happen without a care of whether it will work of not.

There is also what is termed mass telepathy. This is the feelings you get by being in a certain place or city. Mass telepathy is the whole of the thoughts, feelings and general atmosphere or a place.

Have you every gone to a city and felt so very at home there that you wanted to move? Most likely you where picking up on this mass telepathy. On a smaller scale you can perceive mass telepathy in a persons home of even in different work environments.

As you become more sensitive and watch for this form of telepathy you will begin to readily distinguish between places you feel like you fit and places that make you uncomfortable.

When developing telepathy it is best to learn to quiet the mind. This can be achieved through meditation, hypnosis, binaural beats and a host of other practices. Once the mind is calm and quieted the receiving and sending of telepathic communication becomes easier.

This is really just getting rid of all the mental noise and static. It can be compared to tuning a radio to a specific channel, the channel has always been broadcasting you just need to set your dial to hear it.

If you consider the fact that we are all sending and receiving information all the time, but only away of this on a subconscious level, then the law of attraction will begin to make sense.

As an example if we are always thinking and feeling negative about relationships, then we tend to drive those away who are looking for a positive, healthy relationship. Have you ever wondered why men always say that once they get married they have women flirting with them all the time? This is because they are sending out positive relationship messages and women they come in contact with pick up on this.

With the constant telepathic communication happening, it becomes important to keep a positive outlook on the people one meets and one’s thoughts in general.

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