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Who is Abraham Hicks?

Abraham-Hicks is a spiritual entity here to guide mankind.

We are One. Whether you really know what this means or not, we are. We are all connected to one another. It is known by man and it is a Universal Law.  The law which governs you and I together, is the same law that attracts two people together. It is the Law of Attraction. The entity known as ‘Abraham’ (of Abraham-Hicks) is really one and the same as your Source and my Source.  Whether you are knowing of Abraham or not, it is an entity who has come forward to guide mankind into his future.

How? By sharing information about what is and teaching about the Universe. This may sound ‘out there’ to those who are not knowing, but Abraham is really a voice of the Universe. It is voice which is the heart and soul of mankind. There is a message in the teachings that Abraham brings.

Over thirty years ago, Esther Hicks , a reknown psychic channeler, first received communication from a spiritual entity named Abraham-Hicks regarding the growth of mankind, the growth of civilization. It was never about anything that Esther was pursuing on a personal level, but about her willingness to be open. An open channel.

Esther’s husband, Jerry, has been a driving force in the information which has come forward through the teachings of Abraham. Why? Jerry was … and still is, a very curious human being.

He has had questions about everything. Every facet of life and every concept of the Universe.  So much so, they have devoted their lives to sharing the information to humanity. And it all began with an intuition… a calling. A calling to Esther to receive information, to learn more.

After she started learning about others who were called to receive information from the Universe, Esther became more curious as to what had transpired before her. Who were these people and what was their message. She began exploring ways of becoming still. ‘The art of listening’, so to speak. And in time, with the guidance of Jerry, Esther opened up to the messages coming forward through a vehicle known as Abraham.

They (the vehicle) called themselves Abraham because they knew as humans in the human condition, we would need to associate the teachings to somebody… something. So Abraham identified themselves as a collective group of souls who had come together to share loving messages through Esther (and Jerry) to humanity.

Abraham knew if they were to present them selves in a way the human mind could comprehend and associate them and their words to that of a teacher, then they would be heard.

And now, years later, Esther and Jerry are still sharing the teachings of Abraham across the country in order to move mankind forward. They share words of wisdom and enlightenment for those who want to hear and open themselves to their bigger part… their conscious part. That which is their Source. Your Source and my Source.

It is our place of connection to the Universe.  Where we are knowing and clear about what is and what will be. It is our connection to our higher self, where we are all One.

Now there is more.  As the world approaches the Year 2012, there are those who are channels, like Esther, sharing their gifts and the guidance their gifts bring forward. They are the Way Showers and the Knowers. They appear to be like you and like I.

They are the psychics and the channels who are coming forward through messages like this, to continue the teachings from the Universe.  From our Universe. The One which governs us as human beings.  And over time, these are the ones who will be leading and guiding us all ‘Home’. Home is that place from which we have all originated. Home is our Source.

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