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Developing Psychic Skills

All of us, regardless of the level of scepticism when it comes to all things psychic or unexplained, have a certain level of psychic ability. Some people choose to accept it and develop it whilst others deny that it exists – waking up 5 minutes before the alarm goes off for some will be down to the body accepting routine where as other people will squarely place this at the door or psychic sense.

Some people choose to develop their psychic skills making a career in this fast paced profession but like all skills, it takes practice and perseverance. How psychics develop their skills are many and varied – the good news is, they are all ‘exercises’ and activities that are open to us all! Take a look:

  1. Meditation – being psychic and developing these skills, whether for our own use or for working with others, is about personal and spiritual growth. In order to do this, the mind needs to be sharp and focused – yet calm and relaxed. Meditation is one of the most important skills in how psychics develop their skills. Regular, disciplined meditation sessions clear the fog from the mind. Start with small 15 minute sessions, working towards longer sessions.
  2. Slow down – no psychic can provide an accurate, thoughtful reading is they themselves are stressed or lacking in focus. Like a car engine, the mind ‘turns over’ at different speeds when asked to complete different tasks. Normal brain activity has a cycle of 14 to 20 turns a minute. The best psychic activity occurs at a lower cycle rate of around 7 to 14 turns a minute.
  3. Alertness – despite advocating relaxation and slowing the mind, how psychics develop their skills also depends on alertness. Psychics need to pay attention to their own thoughts and actions; what are they feeling at certain times? Why are they so many coincidences at one given time?
  4. Imagination – an unsolvable problem or conundrum are situations that we will all face at some time in our lives and the ability to solve these, and move ourselves on and beyond these obstacles can be quickened by the ability to imagine how or what to leap beyond it. Without imagination many psychics would not be able to function effectively – tap into your inner child!
  5. Listen – enjoy being still. We all need to stop and listen to the tranquility that surrounds us, an important factor in how psychics develop their skills.
  6. Keep track – many psychics write regular journal entries. This is useful for recording dreams of other visions that they may experience as they may find this experience helpful in future readings. Likewise, if you have psychic ability and wish to develop it, keep a note of your dreams – they may, over time, reveal important information.
  7. Practice – again one of the most important factors in how psychics develop their skills is practice – this is true of all skill based work and is no different in the world of psychics. Try simple exercises such as what will arrive in today’s post? Who will knock at the door next? Who will phone or text you next?
  8. Psychic testing – there are a variety of tests and helpful guides available for free on the internet and although you may think they are silly in nature, they can also provide some basic feedback as well as highlighting areas that may be weak in your psychic abilities. When you are ready to progress, why not join other psychics on workshops etc.? Working with other people is one way of how psychics develop their skills.
  9. Find you spirit guide – many psychics are guided by a particular spirit. Some may jave known them in their earthly life, whilst other psychics have guides that are from other times and eras. Use meditation time as a way of seeking their hand in your psychic journey. Without their spirit guides, many mediums insist they would not have such developed psychic skills.

Dedication and commitment are essential qualities in the journey of how psychics develop their skills; you can also develop your natural psychic talent!

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