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Energy Cleansing: Why It Is Important and How to Know If You Have Absorbed Toxic Energies

Are you tired? Is it hard to get on top of things? Do you feel a heaviness? Do you notice any type of strange feeling in your gut (solar plexus) or heart (heart chakra)?

If so, you may have absorbed toxic energy and need to set up a cleansing regiment. We clean our teeth, hands, face, and body yet very few think or even know that they should cleanse their aura.

What is an aura you ask?

Scientists describe an aura as being an energy field that encompasses all living things including plants. Metaphysics defines and teaches Auras as an electromagnetic field surrounding all living things. Our thoughts, the emotions we choose to entertain, the people and environments that we are in influence our aura for good or bad.

Yoga (meaning simply union with the divine) defines an Aura as the eighth chakra. This eighth chakra is made up of the other 7 chakras, which create our energy system. Physical illness first starts in the energy system and then moves down into the body. So if we can cleanse and balance our chakra energy system we can avert many illnesses according to the Yogis.

If our energy is clear and our chakras are functioning properly life becomes a very happy fulfilling place. You will find your good flows to you easily. You will find your need for affirmations and creative visualizations become non-existent. You will move into a great space that I describe as “miracle mind consciousness” words can not describe the peace, the bliss, the joy, and the prosperity you will experience in this place.

Cleansing energy becomes even more important when we have experienced toxic people and environments; our own negative thinking and limiting beliefs also contribute to the lowering of our energy system.

Your Aura magnetizes things to you and repels other things away from you. If you are in a lowered state of energy and your chakras are not functioning properly you will be radiating at a lower level of energy. You will notice that you will be a magnet for toxic people and situations. As you raise your energy you will notice the type of people showing up in your life are very positive, helpful, and giving people.

I have given you a very powerful technique that I learned many years ago. I have found this to be among one of the best techniques for cleansing your energy system on your own.

If you are experiencing any of the above symptomatology, you are feeling blocked, or you feel things are not going the way they could in your life; I would invite you to do a 9 consecutive day cleanse with the technique outline in the above video.

After that I would recommend that you cleanse at least once a week. After doing these baths awhile you will know immediately when it is time to cleanse by how you feel.

I have found it is very helpful for both my client and their psychic reading and consultation if he or she takes a sea salt bath prior to the reading. This is true for all forms even telephone and online psychic readings.

People that come to me often come because there is some sort of problem and they have been in very low states of energy and emotion because of their problem. It is often hard for many psychics to see past a clients negative emotions to the real truth of what is going to happen in their situation.

By taking a sea salt bath prior to coming the client washes away the negative energy left by strong emotions that is in their energy system which can act as almost a block to the seeing the solution.

Now it seems obvious to me, but I have learned never to assume, that if you do all the above regiment and you are still experiencing negativity and feeling bad then you have a more severe problem that needs professional help.

Bridget a client that recently worked with me and has allowed me to use her story here. She had gone through an awful marriage. She met the man of her dreams which motivated her to file for a divorce. Once her divorce was final the man of her dreams disappeared for no apparent reason.

My first consultation with her I was overwhelmed with the energy I felt from her, it was extremely hard for me to read her. She is a very intelligent person and extremely analytical she had so many bad experiences that she assumed the worse case scenario of every situation was always going to be the outcome in the various situations.

She had gone to another top psychic prior to me and the psychic had told her the guy was a player and he would not come back. In their defense, the energy field that she had at that time was so very negative I think the psychic just was picking up on that and not seeing the real connection she had with this man she had met.

I had her take sea salt baths and also did energy work for and with her myself and we broke through all this negativity. As she raised in energy the guy she had come to me about contacted her. Slowly they began to see each other again and as of this writing they are now engaged!

You will see that as you raise energy amazing things will happen to you. It is like a whole new world opens up to you that you never knew existed.

I know with myself when I started to learn about energy cleansing, I did not realize how low I was until I started to cleanse and my energy raised. As the negativity started to dissolve and my energy lifted I felt so much better. I slept better everything improved actually.

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