Aura Readings

An Aura refers to a colorful multilayered oval energy flux field, also noted sometimes as a psychic energy field. There is no living thing that isn’t surrounded by an aura, mostly oval-shaped, multi-colored layers of sounds, vibrations and lights.

Every layer within an aura actually vibrations in its own unique way. Auras contain information about the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of living things, and also goes on to reflect the condition of the chakras of living things. The information an aura holds encompasses those of one’s past, present and future.

An aura is observable in a way different to those who are sensitive enough to be aware of them. An instance of this is the fact that quite a lot of psychics, psychic mediums, and healers too, who are sensitive to the vibrations of each layer, can either be able to see in, visuals, the colors, or sense them. Kirlian cameras are also very capable of viewing an aura.

It would be quite experience, if one enjoys learning about the auras and whatever it is that their colours signify. Being able to visualize, wear and surround yourself with those colours that you feel a certain form of affinity to, will be of benefit to your mind’s uniqueness, your spirit, and body.


There are seven layers of an aura. They are known as subtle bodies, hold various forms of information. These layers are in correspondence with the seven chakras. It is the energies from these chakras that generates the auras. Physical, emotional and spiritual health state affects the magnitude of an aura. Hence, an aura can either expand or contract depending on these factors.


At some point in time, you must have sensed someone’s aura. This is often called “vibes”, as culled from the word  “vibrations”. And it refers to the vibrations that one gets from other persons around. Aura sensing is actively sensed in children between the ages of four and six. An instance of this, is when a child playfully draws a sketch of family members, that child tends to use specific/different colors each for each member of the family.

The child does this because he or she actually senses the various auras of these members of the family; though it is done subconsciously, without the child even realizing what had just happened. However, because of parental interrogations, as to why the child chose to apportion various specific colors to each member of the family, the child will gradually stop making use of this psychic ability. And as maturity sets in, it fades a way with the advent of logic.


Being aware of one’s auric flux field, and how to protect and cleanse it, is a very important aspect of maintaining an overall state of well-being, as well as developing one’s psychic abilities. Everyone has an aura which has an oval energy flux field outlook, which is made up of several layers, extending to an approximation of about three feet around an individual. The awareness and cleansing of the aura is achieved via techniques such as balancing one’s chakra system. An unbalanced chakra system is reflected in one’s aura.

However, one might not be aware that this imbalance even exists. But then, one would begin to feel out of sorts, without even knowing where these feelings are coming from. So, whether it be an auric imbalance or not, it is necessary to always cleanse one’s auric energy flux field, periodically, peradventure some negative energies might still be lurking around.

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