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How Meditation for Women Will Work for You

Many of us are very aware of the benefits that meditation for women can bring to our lives. But we do face some obstacles to adding meditation to our daily routines. That natural procrastination of working meditation for women techniques into our schedules is the first big blockade to letting meditation really start to help us live life more happily and successfully.

But finding time to let the specialized approach of meditation for women work its magic is not the only area we need to improve upon. Because you as a woman are very much different from a man, the methods of meditation you use must be tailored just for you. Meditation for women has a focus on your needs, your emotional system, the demands on you as mom, wife, working woman, and homemaker. So let’s take a few moments and discuss how to make meditation fit with your needs and your schedule.

Finding Quiet

Finding time in your day to use your meditation techniques to have a positive influence on your day can be one of the biggest challenges. If the kiddos have to get up and off to school, your mate and even you have to get moving to work or other responsibilities, finding time to step through your meditation for women program can be tough. And to make it another stress goes against what we are trying to accomplish. So the first step is to do some planning so you can fit meditation in and give it time to work its magic. Some suggestions are…

Get as much of your morning preparation done the night before to reduce the stress of mornings. You can get the coffee ready to go, lunches made, outfits laid out, baths done so the morning routine becomes smoother.

Make it a team effort. Enlist the kids and the spouse in the effort of making life easier on mom. You might even sit down with them and review how meditation for woman can make mommy happier and easier to get along with. Watch how they jump on that bandwagon!

Look for a consistent moment. Many times the methods of meditation for women seem to work best first thing in the morning. And if you can rise early to work through your routine, that’s great. But there may be another moment that works best for you. If you stay at home, that moment of quiet when everybody is off to work and school might be good. Or you might select the last half hour of the evening when kids are in bed and your spouse knows you need a quiet space and time to let your meditation for women routines elevate your mind and your soul.

Emotional Rescue

Meditation for women is different than it is for men in many ways. For one thing, women relate to their emotional systems so much differently than men. Because we are by and large a more emotional gender and very much more in touch with our emotions, your emotional state when you start your meditation routine is important. There are also some additional adjustments to make your approach to your quiet time a genuine meditation for women session as opposed to some routine that is not as meaningful for you.


  • Be sensitive to your emotional state and honest with yourself about it as you settle in to meditate. If you are upset, know that and slowly reflect on calming that storm of emotions as you allow the breathing to bring the serenity you are looking for.Because meditation for women can actually surface emotions that may have been held back from coworkers or family, don’t be afraid or ashamed to let them surface. Tears in the midst of the deep breathing are both common in meditation for women and they are healthy too.

    Meditating for women teaches you at the spiritual level to ease into a state of calm and serenity. So let your emotions go with you into that state and allow that natural benefit affect how you view the events in your life, especially the ones that cause the most emotional activity.


The Stages of Meditation for Women

Even though you may wish to use your session of meditation to focus on emotions and allow the restful state remain simply there, you may wish to have in mind the various steps of contemplation that make meditation for women so effective. You can have these stages on note cards near your favorite meditation location so you can easily use them to fit the mood of the day and where you feel your meditation taking you.


  • Focus on your senses as you reflect. Meditation for women is more sensual in that women tend to be more aware of their sensory activity. Prepare the room and allow the smells, sounds, and even temperature of the atmosphere become part of the exercise. Take a long slow inventory of your senses as apart of your natural breathing routine. It will do wonders to put you at peace with your environment.
  • Reflect on your femininity. Sometimes if you work, that part of your soul is often downplayed. Be in touch with who you are as a woman.
  • Be sure to follow the breathing in a meditation discipline. Sit in a comfortable way but preferably on the floor cross-legged. Keep your spine straight and breathe deeply in concentrating on the breath. Hold it briefly and let it be released from your inner space slowly and deliberately. Do at least five of these cleansing breaths before moving into contemplative exercises.
  • Reflect on the concept of being at rest. Perhaps meditate on your most recent sleep and the sensations of going into and coming out of sleep. This will naturally calm you and allow your other emotions to become centered. Meditation for women is most effective when it results in a more restful state of mind.


The key to a growing meditation for women program is to never stop learning. As you find things that work for you, customize your approach to something that gives you real relaxation and serenity. In that way your meditation will be successful in a way that never could have been possible if you had not focused your approach to meditation on your specific needs as a woman.

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