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How To Use the Hidden Secrets of Circadian Meditation

While the term “circadian meditation” is a bit exotic, it actually addresses one of the biggest problems we face when we meditate. Have you ever come to that time in your day that you have set a aside for your meditation and discovered you were restless, distracted, your heart was racing or you had some other issue that made the transition from an active state to a contemplative one most difficult?

Well, this may not be just nervousness or have anything negative to reflect on you. The research that proponents of circadian meditation have done reflect that the problem may have more to do with your body clock than anything else.

For a long time meditation was more about the spirit and the soul than issues of health or how our bodies work. But in modern times, a lot has been done to link science and even medicine with the ancient practice of meditation with very positive results. Circadian meditation does just that. It teaches us to use the natural rhythms of our body clocks and work with them rather than against them with our circadian meditation methods.

Circadian meditation has done a lot for the health and the general happiness of those who understand it and use it’s secrets. The good news is the methods of meditation you already know can be enhanced to work with your body rhythms to defeat insomnia, digestive problems, nervousness, anxiety and a host of other issues that are affected when we are out of step with out own bodies. So it would benefit to learn to how to use the hidden secrets of circadian meditation to our advantage and cash in on all of this research and knowledge.

Find out more about your body clock

Most of us don’t think about our biorhythms very much, except when we travel overseas. And when we do, we think our body clock primarily kicks in to tell us to be tired at bedtime and ready for lunch at noon. But the body clock influences everything from your digestion and elimination systems to your moods. That is why circadian meditation is so effective. It puts your meditative activity in harmony with your natural biorhythms so you are in sync with yourself completely.

The two things that will do the most for diagnosing your body clock and your biorhythms is to talk to your doctor and then to do your homework. Your doctor will be aware of how crucial your body clock is to your total health and he or she can guide you in how to find areas of disharmony in that part of your life.

But be a smart patient as well and get some additional education in the topic of biorhythms, biofeedback and circadian meditation itself. Then when you talk to both medical and meditation professions about your objectives to use circadian meditation to resolve certain health issues, they can be of greatest assistance to you.

Revise your meditation schedule to fit your objectives completely

One of the biggest uses of circadian meditation is to help with insomnia. And insomnia can be the source of such a huge host of other medical problems as well as problems with mood, eating and productivity at work. So circadian meditation can make a radical improvement in your lifestyle fairly quickly once you learn to use your body rhythms rather than fight against them.

Often we plan our meditation time for when it is most convenient for us. So you may do your meditation when you first get up or when you first get home from work. As you learn more and more about circadian meditation, you may find that these times are not the best choices to get the most health benefits from what you are doing. By being willing to make some changes to not only when you do your meditation routines but how you do them, you are making a big step to a better life and a better lifestyle as well.

Align your meditation approach to be in touch with your circadian goals

Each of us customizes our focus during meditation based on our goals. You may be using a method during meditation that is more or less “by the book” based on whatever discipline you chose when you first got into meditation. As you become aware of the value of adding circadian goals to your discipline and particularly as you learn more ways to tie your meditation in with your body clock and biofeedback, your meditation program will naturally change.

Be aware of the physical side of your meditation program. You no doubt already can tell when you are getting the physical benefits of meditation even before you became a student of circadian meditation. Adding the actual knowledge and objectives of the circadian method will only make your efforts more effective than ever in getting the most out of circadian meditation to benefit you physically as you are already benefiting mentally and spiritually from the time you spend in meditation.

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