Palm Reading

Minor palm lines represent human’s consciousness, or display to what extent we are capable of going deeper into our subconscious so that our conscious expressions can be enriched, so we can call them the conscious lines as well. It’s also said to indicate an awakening, which implies one fact that we gradually raise our awareness while dealing with any life experience in reality, and appear to get motivated to reach every goal in a conscious way. It’s obvious that no one is contented with a lifestyle in which he lives like a robot without diving into any deeper truth. Following is a brief update of three major minor lines appearing in the palm: the Destiny, the Sun, and the Mercury lines.

palm reading

– Destiny line: also known as the Saturn line, which is supposed to be the backbone of other palm lines, and the signal of human’s true desires that motivate us to move forwards and structure our lives for better. Playing as a conscious line of the hand, destiny line could help other major lines like Heart line, Head line, and Life line to express themselves easily. A certain destiny line would tell us what our true intentions are when taking a life, which means that what we truly live for. In palm reading, Saturn or Destiny line is inherently a vertically straight line traveling from the base of the hand to the Mount of Saturn in which it apparently divides the palm into two halves.

– Sun line: if Destiny line is a reflection of all of our attempts in real life, the Sun line will talk about the amazing fruits of our work. Also, it’s created as the incredible results of human’s strong belief and great satisfaction in whatever we’re trying our best to do. The line starts from the upper area of the Moon, and finishes at the end of the Mount of moon in the palm. We can call it the line of success and excellence. In palm reading, if it transits the Head line, and goes towards the Mount of sun, which tells us how smart and sharp the bearer has become to gain more successes throughout his lifetime.

– Mercury line: its formation signifies every effortless task regarding the capacity of communicating with other people in society, and appears successful as well as the bearer’s communication skills have been developed. If we look closely at the palm, and see Mercury line is smashed up, which denotes that we’re not fully satisfied with what are happening around us at the time. In case that this kind of distress is not addressed in time, the bearer may encounter some health issues along his life. In sum, Mercury line of the palm is seen as the health line of a person, which is posited below the fourth finger of the hand, and right outside of the palm.

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