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The Transcendental Meditation Technique

There are 5 categories of meditation: Concentration Meditation Reflective Meditation Mindfulness Meditation Heart-centered Meditation Creative Meditation   Of these 5…this article will focus on the Concentration Meditation category: Concentration is at the heart of all the types of meditation, but in some techniques, focus is predominantly on building concentration. This is because in order to gain the fruits of meditation, ...

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A Brief View Into The World of Cleromancy

Cleromancy has got to be one of the most ancient forms of psychic manifestation, ever. From the Bible to other scrolls and scriptures. It spans most ethnicities and cultures the world over. Let’s just say Cleromancy is the casting of lots as a way of proffering solution to a problem or an answer to a question. From an etymological stand-point, ...

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How to Know You are Gifted with Clairaudience

The following instances are just indicators of how one could detect that he or she is clairaudient: Hearing someone say your name when no one is actually around Once you can hear a person talking to you without even when no one was about, or perhaps you hear faint voices in the background or whispers of your name. Once you ...

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What is a Crystal Ball

Crystal balls are important tools in the psychic art of scrying, also known as crystal gazing. The crystal ball is as extensive as it is mysterious. It is displayed in the window of your local psychic; it makes an appearance in books, movies and pop culture; If you don’t have any knowledge about divination, you might not know that what ...

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Mistake That Holds Back Spiritual Progress!

Since the year 2012 there has been a lot of information shared about Ascension, Ascension consciousness and the symptoms connected to this Spiritual acceleration experienced by many at this time. There is certainly some interesting information out there on this topic, but how much of this information is actually helping you achieve progressive states of Ascension? ‘Ascension’ is a path ...

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Who is Abraham Hicks?

Abraham-Hicks is a spiritual entity here to guide mankind. We are One. Whether you really know what this means or not, we are. We are all connected to one another. It is known by man and it is a Universal Law.  The law which governs you and I together, is the same law that attracts two people together. It is ...

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